aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

A frank message to Kotex (men, avert your eyes) - WTF?

I'm all for improvements in basic everyday products. Henry Ford's cars only came in one color - black - and now they are available in a rainbow of hues. Men can wear shirts that are other colors than white. Etc.

But I can guarantee you this: I have never looked at feminine hygiene pads and thought: "Damn, I wish they came with designs!"

It's like they've run through the basic additional features - leak-proof, scented, specially made for different kinds of panties - and they just couldn't think of anything else.

I mean, who needs a design in a spot that is never going to be seen by anyone but you? In a spot that will immediately be obscured? Even toilet paper with designs can be seen by anyone who walks into your bathroom, but this has an audience of one.

One who doesn't care.

Even designer Depends (new jeans style, perhaps, like Pampers) make more sense.

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