Uh oh... I have an appointment in May!! does it hurt--itch? was it awful??
Actually, it wasn't bad at all. It's like a little scratch. There's a histamine one that's a control, and that does itch, plus whatever you are allergic too. In my case, one type of tree and cats, a little bit. And thank goodness all the food ones were negative. I was worried I was going to be allergic to wheat.

The doctor can't figure out why I'm itching, but he had a great manner and seems to think he can cure it. I got a bunch of new drugs so we'll see!
hmmm, you are still itching. Blood work? white count and all that?

I have adult onset asthma, and in the fall I ended up in the hospital because I had an allergic reaction to prednisone, which everyone was worried about because it is a treatment for the asthma. since I had my thyroid surgery, I also developed a sensitivity to latex. band aids make me swell up, and then when I hurt my knee... I found out their is latex in neoprene! The allergic reaction was worse than the knee injury.
I am a little worried that I am allergic to EVERYTHING!!
But I decided to make the appt and be pro-active rather than end up in the ER again.... getting older and a tiny bit wiser! ; )
Oh, my husband gets itchy from Bandaids and he too had a reaction to neosporin - better tell he might have a latex allergy.

The test is no big deal at all. Tiny scratches and then wait 10 minutes and then someone comes in and looks at all of them. I think in the old days it might have been painful.
Oh NEOPRENE!! Like the brace you buy in the drug store. Allergies are a real pain!

I am relieved to know it wasn't painful! : )
Oh, and my blood work was all good and my doctor says she is not worried at all. Which has not made the itch go away, but still.
My son's skin was INSANELY ITCHY from Dynamo detergent... the only detergent he is bothered by.. it was on sale.
Good news that it is not food. I hope that your doctor is right in that he can control or cure the mad itch!

I had this done many years ago when I was a child and was allergic to cats (this has gotten worse over the years and now cat's fur makes me come out in hives), horse hair, feathers, wool, household dust mites, certain cereal pollens. I've parlayed this into never doing the dusting!

We tested GolfBoy a couple of summers ago, and was mildly allergic to nuts and worst of all for a golfer and baseball player - grass!

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The cats thing was a bit of a bummer. I love cats. After my my husband developed allergies, our old cat was grandfathered in, but once he died, no more cats. Which is so depressing! But then I thought that if I'm ever a very old widow lady, I could have a cat to keep me company.

But I guess not.

Hopefully GolfBoy can deal with grass through antihistamines?
My condolences. I had to do that and the outcome was shots once a week for two years.
Mine was not that exciting - but they still don't know why I'm so itchy! I got new meds, though.