I love dress number two, but not the shoes. Do you have any more springlike footwear?
Have fun at the awards.
I vote for Dress #2 (they're all good, but this one is the most flattering on you, I think) and Shoes #1.

I vote for the middle outfit, with the second (stripey) shoes.

however, for future shoes -- I wonder if something without a strap at the base of the ankle might elongate your leg/be more flattering?
The slenderizing solid color slacks and the foxy striped shoes for a win. Go with confidence!
I vote for dress #2 and shoes #1. :)

April, don't know if you remember me, but we hung out a bit at WPA. :) I just finished Girl, Stolen and absolutely loved it! Made my mom read it too, and have recced it to a friend who's a teacher.
Wasn't that the best conference? Thanks so much for the recommendation - word of mouth really sells YA books.
I like the 2nd dress with the black shoes--I would like the shoes better with no strap so they don't cut you off at the ankle, or with a beige wedge sandal that elongated the leg.

I like dress #1 with a ballet flat.

and the pants look too short for the heels... so maybe the pants with ballet flats?
oooo, very pretty!
I vote for the outfit with the pants. It's cute.
Dress two, definitely, as it is beautiful. I'd go for new shoes, something lighter and strappier.
I like the second dress, because of the green, but the pants look nice, too. :)
I'm thinking I will wear the pants on TV. And I just bought lighter color shoes (at Payless Shoes) for dress #2.
Re: Second dress also.
AM Northwest today (Monday April 25) wearing a pants outfit - the dress if for tonight.