Whew! Me and Heather on TV!

I even wore my totally cool striped heels, which the interviewer had a long conversation with me about. But as soon as I saw her shoes, I knew mine probably wouldn't show up on camera - she was wearing round-toed flats with dark socks. Not like The Today Show, where guests perch on the couch wearing shoes with six-inch heels that I don't even think I could sit in.

If you want to read what they said about our story: http://www.katu.com/amnw/segments/120494164.html

I think it went okay - what do you think?

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How wonderful! You both really shined in that interview. :D
It was great to meet Heather - we met in the green room and told our story to the lady who was going to be on after us showing how to make mother's day cards.
Good interview, both of you! Such an interesting story, I'm glad you are having opportunities to share it.

I hope you'll be at the Oregon Book Awards tonight. Unfortunately, I can't make it. I think you and I may finally get to meet on Saturday afternoon, though.
That was fabulous! I loved it! I'm so glad you thought to look for her. Her parents must be thrilled too.
And I was glad when she said that again about being happy I wrote the book. Because that wasn't a sure thing.
It was fun to talk to her in the green room and learn some more details about what happened to her.
That was so cool! :) I hope this translates to many sales for you!
So cool!! You guys were great! Lovely that you can mentor her writing too!
I had to keep reminding myself not to say "help her get published" because at some point that's up to you.
You both came off great. So cool that you finally met in person, and on TV, no less. I really like how you took something real as a jump off point for a story. I assume somebody read it to her? Did she think the aspects dealing with the blind came off right?
There's a system called something like Daisy that read it to her. She also has a Kindle that will read aloud, but it's a monotone.

I think she was most struck by was thinking about how my version of happened could have been what did happen.

Before it was published, I ran it be some folks who are blind and then again past a YA author who happens to be blind (but doesn't talk about it). It's always so nerve-wracking - you worry you got something wrong, like writing about someone of another race.

While I was writing the book, I read the worst book with a blind character. It got so much wrong and it came out from a major publisher. So at least I feel I didn't do that.
April, this was awesome! I loved how he said "You must have quite an imagination." I was like...uh, Yuh-HUH! :D
Wonderful interview and such a good karma feel.

You looked nice and vogue-ish in your slacks and those spiffy heels.

Applause all the way around!
It's amazing how you can be saying one thing and thinking like two thoughts at the same time ("Does she look bored?" "Does this make sense?") at the same time. That's like three things!
I think it's awesome that you connected with the inspiration for your novel AND that she also has interest in writing. I like to believe that everything happens for a reason. Great interview segment!