This is probably how mental illness starts

This morning, exhausted, I got into the car and turned on the radio. And heard: "April, good morning, I'm Jason Sauls."

The radio was talking to me. Directly to me.

And while I'm sure if I had turned it on a few seconds earlier, I would have heard, "It's Tuesday, the 26th of April, good morning, I'm Jason Sauls," I still kind of wonder....

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If it does it again this time next week, then you really are going potty :)
That's what you get for being named after a month. Now, if he had said, "Jacqueline, good morning, I'm Jason Sauls..."
And here's another sign of mental illness: I'm sitting in a public courtyard at the American Portrait Gallery, and I'm laughing out loud...
Well, hopefully they can tell you are looking at something. I've been having a hard time with folks talking and gesturing and pacing around - do they or do they not have a Blue Tooth device in their ear?