Missing my old friends

Sometimes I don't have the heart to turn off my Yahoo calendar alerts. So this week I got reminders for two friends who aren't around any more.

Barbara Seranella and I at the 2002 Left Coast Crime. Back when she was healthy. We both did stand up comedy. The picture does not show the very famous mystery writer to my left. Although we sat at the same table, she acted as if we weren't there at all. Of course Barbara, being Barbara, knew all the gossip about her and the pretty young man who was with her.

God, I miss her.

Barbara wrote a series of mysteries as well as the beginning of a new series that came out after she died. She died in January 2007 after the Hepatitis C that had hung out in her system for years after she had kicked heroin (she had a very colorful past) came back to bite her. She made it through two liver transplants and died waiting for a third. She was incredibly generous and smart and tenacious. Her birthday is (was) April 30.

Lisa Wolfson (LK Madigan) at the book launch for our books, just seven months ago. (She was the author of Flash Burnout and The Mermaid's Mirror.) When this picture was taken, she was in the middle of having tests, but no one thought it was as bad as it was. One of things I miss most about Lisa was how much she read. I could always count on her to talk about books with. Her birthday was yesterday, April 26.

Again, such a loss.

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I need to remember that nothing is permanent and to appreciate the here and now and the people I love.
I think we need to remember that the love is permanent. My mother died in 1999 of pancreatic cancer.. I still feel her love, I still love her deeply. She was my best friend and I never can believe that she is not here walking this walk with me.
Love is it.
It is the whole thing.

I think it is not just appreciating the people but rejoicing and laughing with each other that is the most important thing.

ps. I love you!
I remember a previous post you did about Barbara. It's such a shame that having someone touch your life means having an empty place after they're gone. But how much emptier our lives would be without ever having known them.

I miss Lisa, too. I didn't realize that her birthday was this week.

I've also been thinking of my lost friend, Paul, this week. He died in 1986, long before Google reminders, but sometime this week, I think tomorrow, would have been his 43rd birthday.
You are a good friend. I'm sorry for your loss of these two sparkling women.

Didn't some dead white guy write that April is the cruellest month? (Apologies to all with April birthdays.) This month, this year, seems to have been crueller than most. No idea why.
I know why. Because it has rained nearly every single fricking day in Portland. I'm a native Oregonian and it's too much for me. It's like an endless winter.
If one of the secrets to a long life is being able to cope with losing the people you love, I'll surely die young. Every death leaves a hole in me.
I have not been hit as hard - just a few friends and my dad. I think it must be hard to be my mom's age - so many friends gone. My dad and her best friend died 10 days apart.