Sad but true - The Onion does it again

One of the writers for The Onion is also a writer of books, so her spoofs are spot-on funny, including one about dealing with low turnout at readings:

"Sometimes 7:30 comes around and only three people are there, one of whom is my agent," Massey said. "Well, rather than go through with the whole presentation I'd normally do for a group of six including my parents and a woman who appears to be mentally ill, I can make the reading into more of an intimate discussion where there's a lot more back-and-forth."

Read more of Author Promoting Book Gives It Her All Whether It's Just 3 People Or A Crowd Of 9 People here.

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I loved this piece. Brings back so many memories. At a reading/signing I did in Burlington, VT, I had three people--a friend and two bona fide "fans." I finished the reading and started the Q&A. The husband part of the "fan" duo said, "But you didn't read the part where the girl is abused by her boyfriend like our daughter." I told him that nobody is abused in the book. He gave me a dirty look, grabbed his wife by the arm, and took off.
That is true. I have seen many big name authors where there were fewer than a half dozen people.