Seriously, dude - you want to be on the school board?

Perusing my voters' guide last night, trying to decide how to vote for the school board election.

Here's one guy's totally unedited voters' guide entry:

"Compressing high school to three years, with longer school days for students. With some teachers coming in early and some coming in later. For those students who do not like school, they could get it over with sooner. This will lower the high school dropout rate. The high school dropout rate is not being adequatrly addressed. It is a sreious problem thatbis propelling our young people into poverty. We must reverse this trend because it adversely effects us all. And, for those going to college, by starting one year earlier. Because of inflation, it will cut the cost of a college education by 10% or more."

Get this! He lists his job as "free lance writer."

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Okay, first thing: Fire the proofreader. Sheesh.
As for the rest, take a little responsibility.
Thanks for sharing.
The Voter's Guide makes it clear that they take whatever you send them.

In a way, doing that makes it quite clear just how unqualified this guy is.
Naive. The purpose of high school isn't to educate students - that's just a (possibly desirable, but all too rare) side effect. The real purpose of high school is to prevent teenagers from becoming adults for as long as possible. Shorten it and you defeat that purpose.