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What would you want in a writing class?

I am teaching a weekend workshop Feb. 24 & 25. I already have too much material, but I want to make sure it's the right material. I've taught a week-long course through Portland State before (which met three hours a day), and I've learned a lot since then. This class focuses on the novel. It's called "27 Mystery Writing Techniques That Will Make Any Story Better," and the description reads, "Mysteries and thrillers are all about creating a page-turner. But the techniques that make them so compelling – both to readers and to agents and editors – can be applied to nearly every story."

I'm covering:
- plot, conflict, and scenes
- POV, characters, voice, and dialog
- setting
- taking your writing from good to great
- evaluating and revising your manuscript
- facts of the writing life - including getting an agent

Is there a topic missing that you would really like to see? Or for all you writers who teach out there, anything you think would really add value?

For more about the class, click here.

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