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A stranger calls - to remind you that death can find you anywhere

Imagine you are at a bar or restaurant and you tweet about it, not even naming the place. A little while later, an employee says there's a call for you. When you answer, a voice calls you by name and says, "Like this phone call, death can catch you anywhere, anytime. Don't you want to leave a last message before it's too late?"

This is actually really happening. Ad age reports: This is "an actual scenario, being played out again and again, in the service of a web app called If I Die from a startup called Willook. Two Israeli boutique agencies have collaborated in the effort, which chooses prospects from the Twittersphere, follows their feeds and -- using the geolocation metadata embedded in the tweets to ascertain the prospect's whereabouts -- phones them there to recommend If I Die. Yes, the marketer just appears, like the Grim Reaper, to warn you that the Grim Reaper can just appear. The offer is to leave a farewell (or parting shot) for friends, enemies or loved ones via your iPhone or whatever."

Read more about this rather creepy use of technology and social media.

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Tags: death, inspiration, twitter
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