In the pre-Internet days (and yes, there used to be such a thing, although I'm kind of vague about when that was), I used to believe it was possible I might be the only April Henry in the world.

Ha! There are several dozen of us. A few I have even corresponded with.

Last night I ran across this:

"April Henry received her BA in German and Sociology from Indiana University Bloomington in 1999. During the academic year 2002-2003 she participated in the UNC-CH/Baden-Wuettemberg TA exchange program at the University of Mannheim."

[Ok, that's a little odd. I studided German and was also on exchange in Baden-Wuettemberg, but quite a bit earlier.]

"In 2004 she completed her MA thesis titled: “The lament as a Path to Female Subjectivity” for which she received the Ria Stambaugh award.... Her conference papers include: “The Lament as a Path to Partial Subjectivity in Hartmann von Aue’s Erec” and “ The Threat of a Lamenting Female Subject in das Nibelungenlied“."

[Can you imagine getting that in-depth into any subject? At this point, we have obviously diverged.]

"Her research interests include feminist theory, gender, melancholy, film, and medieval literature."

[I love that her research interests include "melancholy." I wonder if I can take it up as a hobby.]

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I've passed more than my fair share of time in melancholy. It's probably more useful as a research interest than a hobby or pastime.

This kind of information about someone who shares your name raises all kinds of interesting existential questions, doesn't it?