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“Books for Charity” really run by for-profit company that pulps most

I’ve been seeing these big blue bins every place. They are labeled "Books for Charity."  But the Oregonian reports that “most of the books do not land in the hands of nonprofits or literacy groups. The bins are managed by a for-profit company, Thrift Recycling Management, which ships the books to its headquarters in Lakewood, Wash., for sorting. Thrift then sells 25 percent at online websites such as Amazon, pulps about 50 percent and then hands the remaining 25 percent to nonprofits.”

Oh, and about those non-profits. It should really say “non-profit” because nearly 90 percent of the donations go to just one non-prfoit, Reading Tree - which is owned by the same people who own Thrift Recycling Management.

Meanwhile, the big blue bins are taking books away from library fundraisers and other true non-profits that actually use or sell the books, as opposed to pulping 50 percent.

Read more here.

If you live in Portland and really want to donate books to kids, then chose The Children’s Book Bank.

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