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Do you need a laugh?

Do you need a laugh?

Do you have a slightly (or more than slightly) twisted sense of humor?

Then you need to read some David Thorne. As Shelf Awareness says, "Thorne has gained a wide following for his wickedly humorous articles and e-mail correspondences, including "Overdue Account," about an attempt to settle a debt with a drawing of a spider, and "It's Like Twitter," in which he takes a former colleague to task for asking him to design a logo gratis."

My absolute favorite is the increasingly off-kilter correspondence between him and a neighbor who wants him to design a missing cat poster. [Warning: do not read if you are someplace where you can't be overheard laughing.]

Thorne has a new book out that collects all his best bits: The Internet is a Playground: Irreverent Correspondences of an Evil Online Genius. You need this book!

And at bookstores coast to coast, you can pay $1 to have a picture taken with a lock of his hair (a parody of something that really happened with Justin Bieber's locks.)

Read more about the author, his hair, and the book here.

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