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Booklist looks at Minotaur’s success with mysteries

Booklist interviewed Minotaur’s head Andrew Martin. Minotaur is the mystery arm of the publisher St. Martins. One part of the article talks about the great success Minotaur has had with award winners and nominees. I think one reason might be taking chances on newcomers. Back when I was with St. Martins, around 2001-2003, they published tons of people but gave them very small advances and small print runs. There was clearly a divide between most authors and the likes of Janet Evanovich.

Barbara Seranella, for example, had just 1500 copies of her first book, No Human Involved, published. Paradoxically, it took off partly because there were so few copies. Collectors sought them out after it got great reviews, and at one point first editions were selling for $500. People would approach Barbara, hand her a pristine book, and say proudly that they had never read it (because it was worth more in an unread condition.) A number of publishers vied for the paperback rights.

Read the interview here.

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