Now if you’re Brazilian, your underwear can give you a lecture

If you hear “Brazilian” you might be thinking about waxing ina certain area. But a story in Ad Age says, “The Brazilian government has decided that the best place for a message to consumers about getting regular screenings for common forms of cancer is in their underwear. Brazil's Congress just passed a bill requiring manufacturers to add a warning to all bras, panties and mens' underpants about the importance of screening for breast, uterine and prostate cancer respectively. For good measure, it threw in the requirement that underwear for adult women should also suggest use of condoms.”

What else do you think needs a warning label?

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Any type of snack food: Warning, this product will deplete your wallet and increase your girth. Oh, wait, maybe you were serious. I think in this age of media, if people (I'm talking adults here) don't know, or are not taking preventative measures - than it's a choice. Printing a warning on undies is probably not going to persuade anyone to get a screening for cancer. (just my opinion) - Marla