I hate cancer

I've lost one friend this year, and I fear it won't be the last. It makes me feel helpless and angry.

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There are so many I wish could have had more time. It has been a rough year... a rough decade.
I've lost a friend -- a very close friend -- to cancer this year as well. And yes, I fear there will be others. Praying very hard that my mom's pet scan, earlier today, comes back clean.
Cancer is big and scary. And, sometimes you don't have the benefit of a long, hard fight before everything ends. I lost my mother to cancer 15 years ago (this July) and it is still something that affects me deeply today.
I saw one fast and brutal and one slow and now brutal. I'm not sure which one I would choose. At least the slow one has had some times to enjoy life.

So sorry about your mom! My mom has congestive heart failure and I dread the day she is gone.
It's so hard to think about. I know we wouldn't appreciate life if we all lived to be 100 and were healthy and hale, but I promise I would try!