Wish I could have known her

Margaret Wise Brown not only wrote Goodnight Moon, but over a hundred picture books. Her birthday was this week. And now, thanks to the Writers Almanac, I know that:

- “With her first royalty check, she bought a street vendor's entire cart full of flowers, and then threw a party at her Upper East Side apartment to show off her purchase.”

- “[S]he died suddenly; she had had surgery a few weeks before, and was kicking up her leg like a can-can dancer to show her doctor how well she felt. The kick dislodged a blood clot that was in her leg, and the clot traveled to her heart, killing her.”

Doesn’t she sound like fun?

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She does sound like fun. On the one hand, the second story, about the blood clot, made me sad. But on the other hand, her death probably happened very quickly--and maybe in those last moments, all she felt was the joy of demonstrating the can-can.
Those deaths are very, very fast. I had a friend who died from one in a minute or two.

I didn't want to crib too much from Writers Almanac, but it also talked about how she left all her money to a neighborhood boy who squandered it - threw away his clothes after wearing them, etc.

And she had a long-term relationship with a woman, which was also interesting.
Y'know, if you have to die, there are worse ways to go. She does sound delightful.