OMG - Haven't I see you someplace before? Really, really dueling covers

Another author pointed this out to me:

I can understand using stock art, but usually you can buy rights (so, for example, it doesn't get used on a second book cover) (although that is much more expensive). Both of these books are incredibly high profile. One is the paperback release of a National Book Award winner. The other I am reading reviews of everyplace.


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Wow! That is too bad. Too bad they didn't change the shirt color at least.
Oh that's bad.

I once bought this book because it was written by a classmate:
Then a year or two later saw the same cover on a book that was a collection of photographs. While it was entertaining to have that experience, it also devalued Katie's book to me a little bit in that it suggested the publisher went bargain-basement on the cover art. I don't know for a fact that that was the case, but it was a suspicion that reared in my mind.
Same photos on different books is more common than you might think - at least one was non-fiction. The couple on the cover of Torched has been on the cover of at least two other books.
I personally liked the original cover. But then, I also loved the original cover for THE HEALING SPELL, far more than the new version.