Do you know a psychopath?

Do you know a psychopath? I actually know two. And I'm nearly certain I used to work with a third. Not all psychopaths (or sociopaths, the terms are pretty much interchangeable) are Ted Bundy-like serial killers. But they all cause trouble.

They are superficially charming, have a grandiose sense of self-worth, need excitement, lie, manipulate, are often impatient and aggressive, and live a parasitic lifestyle. They also don’t feel guilt.

NPR had a long story about the man who has devoted his career to studying psychopaths - Dr. Robert Hare.

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Sad to say, I think I do. We are no longer friends but I often think about this person and have odd moments of fear. It's a hard situation.
In both cases, the situation means that we cannot sever ties completely.

When I first started reading Hare's work, it was eye-opening. It was like check, check, check - oh!