The Night She Disappeared

Portland has been stuck in a kind of perpetual March (May was known as "March, Part 3), so the thought of March 2012 seems really far away.

But last week I received proof that March was coming, and with it, my new YA thriller called The Night She Disappeared. It's about a pizza delivery girl, Kayla, whose car is found in a deserted area with door ajar, her purse on the seat, and scattered pizza boxes on the ground. Evidence at the scene suggests she was murdered and her body dumped in the river. Gaby and Drew, her coworkers, don't believe that Kayla's dead - and team up to find her before she really is.

Last week I was sent print outs of each of the pages to proof. What's cool about the book is that it's like a mosaic. In addition to regular text, there's a fortune cookie message, a list of things to do, a note written in blood, etc. I really like how the interior designer, April Ward, pulled things together. There's a logo for my fictional pizza place, Pete's Pizza, and it looks like she even dummied up some pizza boxes.

I believe in kick-ass chapter endings, and I think this book has quite a few:

- She has no idea she will have to die to make room for her.

- Only what he's taking out of the drawer is a gun.

- It's a woman. Screaming.

- And that's when I pull the trigger.

Now wouldn't those make you keep reading?

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I've been waiting for this book for so long. Nice to see some sneak-peaks!
I know! It seems like it takes forever. For some reason, YAs come out 18 months or more after completion. In the adult world, it's 12 months or sometimes even less.
Just finished explaining to my 2nd-grader (who was reading over my shoulder) what a "kick-ass chapter ending" is. Just hoping he doesn't use the term in class today.

This sounds like a "kick-ass" book all around. Thanks for the sneak preview.
Yeah, like the time my first grader said someone got in trouble for saying the S word. Which turned out to be shut up.

That's mean!!
Kick ass endings and kick ass page lay-outs? AND we have to wait for almost a year for it??? Not nice, April. Not nice at all...! Looks awesome!
I love that there will be actual clues pictured in the book. Not enough people do that any more and I dig it. Rock on.
Holy crap this is awesome! Except you're kind of evil for teasing us with this a year before we can get our hands on it.

I like that. :)
I like a good thriller. I think I'm reading one right now - we'll see if the end is as good as the beginning.
They even sent me pdfs and asked me what I thought - and changed the way the "bloody" one looked.
This sounds aboslutely awesome, I can't believe we have to wait until next March for it!!!