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A few problems with The Killing

I'm still watching The Killing, mostly because I think many of the actors are wonderful, but I'm starting to focus on some of the holes in the story net.

- Rain. Seattle doesn't often have heavy downpours. Showers, drizzle, overcast - yes. Pelting rain that bounces back off the sidewalk a few feet before landing again - no.

- Continuity of rain. Since it's filmed in Toronto, all the establishing shots of Seattle seemed to have been taken on an overcast day. One look at that sky and you know it's not going to rain soon. And in the next scene it's beating down. And the next scene shows dry sidewalks and no puddles.

- Parents would not normally be asked to ID a body by standing right next to it.

- One of the big things that bugs me is that we know Rosie was talking on the phone at her house the night she was killed. The first thing the cops would have done would be to run a trap and trace on her home phone and cell. If Rosie talked on the house phone that night, they would know when and to whom. Ditto her cell - with the addition that they would know where.

- The other big thing is that one investigator's kid gets hold of the crime scene photos and distributes them widely. They end up in all the media. There is no blowback to the investigator. None. She should be in all kinds of trouble.

Two more episodes to go. I guess I'll decide how I feel after it's over.

Are you watching? What do you think?

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