How do you stay married for 25 years?

This year had held a lot of events that have made me aware of my own mortality, including the deaths of two friends.

But today is a good day! My husband and I have been married 25 years.

We had a super low key and cheap wedding. My mom did the flowers. For months I made cookies and froze them for the reception. The night before we hand dipped strawberries in chocolate. We had no photographer and just asked people to make us extra sets of their photos. I made my bridesmaid's gown (probably the last time I seriously sewed anything.) My gown was a bridemaid's gown in white (undyed). For Randy we found a vintage pinstriped suit in a thriftstore and hired a seamstress to cut it down.

At the time, Randy was skinny as a toothpick (and he looks so young in this picture, although we were 27). The task of resizing this suit was far beyond the woman's abilities. He went to try it on and the stripes were running nearly horizontally. She ripped it apart and started again. We went to pick it up the morning we got married. Randy came back to the car empty-handed. "How much money do you have on you?" he asked. The woman was demanding more payment. Between us, we came up with $17 and ransomed the suit.

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I must say, you two look like 'babies.' You know what I mean.

It's hard to believe my love and I have been together 26 years now. It's downright scary. Of course, the first 15 or 20 years were spent pretty much apart due to work schedules and locations. But we're still in love.
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You both look so very happy and you, m'dear, looked gorgeous!

We just hit 21 on St. Paddy's Day!
Happy anniversary! And congratulations on making it to twenty-five years!

My Beloved Husband and I celebrated our 25th in February. Our wedding was pretty low budget, too, though maybe not quite as low as yours! I wore my mom's dress, and paid a seamstress $25 to let out the side seams Mom'd had taken in when she wore it. I sewed new netting onto her headpiece, and wore her wedding slippers. (Lucky we were so close to the same size!) We rented bridesmaids dresses for something like $30 each, and Mom and I did all the food ourselves. I have a very clear memory of being up to my elbows in a dishpan of potato salad at midnight on the night before the wedding.

I sometimes wonder if the amount of money spent on the wedding has an inverse effect on the length of the marriage. A cousin got married two years ago, and I know for a fact that the bride's gown cost more than my entire wedding, even adjusted for inflation. The reception and such has to have run into tens of thousands of dollars. The marriage ended six months later.

But congratulations on beating the odds, and staying happy together!

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Very few of Teen's friends parents are married to each other (if they ever were).

Our whole wedding cost less than a thousand, and we paid for it.
Happy anniversary! 25 years is awesome! So, what do you think is the secret to staying married for 25 years?
Congratulations to you both. It's a great picture; quite the radiant couple.

We also had a pretty low-key and inexpensive wedding--and were adamant we'd pay for it ourselves. Young, independent, and radical:(Marie kept her name and we walked down the aisle together: no "giving away.") We celebrate 21 years in ten days' time. (Wow, it's coming up-gotta think about a present!)
I also kept my name, which I thought everyone would. I think I walked down the aisle myself.

We are going out to dinner tonight at Piazza Italia - hope it's good!
Congratulations! What a great picture and story. So, how do you stay married for 25 years???

Luck? We were so in love - and we still are, but it's different. We lead pretty independent lives. I still love hearing him laugh. And he surprises me sometimes.

I don't think there's one secret.
I hope you had a nice dinner out.

I love the wedding pic! We paid for our wedding ourselves so we definitely watched the budget. My uncle was our photographer and I rented my wedding dress. I spent less on my rented dress than my best friend did a week later on her dress alterations. But we were able to buy a house a year later, while my best friend with the fancy wedding took many years to save for a downpayment. I watch Say Yes to the Dress sometimes, a reality show in a wedding dress shop, and see brides throwing a fit that their parents won't spend $10,000 on a dress. It drives me crazy!
I later dyed mine. And I'm not sure where it is now. Spending 10K on something you'll wear one day is crazy.
Congratulations! Love your description of your wedding and that pic of the two of you is adorable.