Seriously - you just throw this in the street?

I see a lot of weird detritus when I'm running [aside - detritus is a word I have mispronounced in my head for so long I have trouble spelling it - one of those reading words like hearth that you just say to yourself and seldom hear out loud]. Today I passed by a very dead squirrel, shattered glass from when someone broke into a car last week, fast food remains, a ticket for OMSI, and some really beautiful flowers. And this.

Really? You just toss your needle out into the street? At least it was capped.

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Oh you should be wearing gloves! I have heard that heroin use is on the rise due to the "crackdown" on meth. Although a majority of our clients still use meth, so I don't know what constitute a "crackdown". That is simply gross and frightening. If my kids were still young I'd be afraid to let them play outside.

I was working at Good Sam when was AIDS was doing its worst and there were no universal precautions.

Anyway, I'm sure I was exposed to anything that a good handwashing didn't fix.
Junkies don't care where they throw their stuff. And just think--you deprived another junkie from getting more use out of it!