Highlights of my day

* Going for run in sprinkles that turned into rain so hard I had to keep swiping my face.

* Filing police report on ATM card being used in California to take out $780 over weekend. Think "At least we still have husband's card."

* Getting call from credit union that husband's card is also being used fraudulently. Now we have no debit cards and our credit union only has one branch - 10 miles away.

* Losing keys. I can't find them anyplace. That means I can't drive on bazillion important errands for which I will now to write checks and produce two forms of ID.

* Getting call from teacher about Teen.

* Angrily calling Teen and saying, "I am really mad at you and need you to come home now!" only to discover have misdialed woman in Canada who is quite confused by my seething anger.

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I am sorely tempted. Plus we have some left over from the bottle we bought at the restaurant for our anniversary.
That is one mondo disaster of a day. I hope things improve. They can't get much worse, eh?

Speaking of "eh," maybe that Canadian woman just wrote a blog post about her bad day that ended with some crazy American randomly yelling at her.
If you were my keys, where would you be?

There was a very long pause after I yelled at the woman.

I thought you had to dial a country code to get Canada. Guess not!
Sorry, but I've no choice but to give you an 'Lol, out loud' for that last one :)

I hope Teen has been forgiven (or soon will be)
*hugs* wine and chocolate for you. Sorry you've had such a day. Hope things turn around soon.
Not an end of the world day. Although I would hate to lose my dad's old house key, which I've carried since he died in 2003.
Something's up with the credit card thing. Three people at my work place had someone try to withdraw large sums from their accounts today. All three were Bank of America. I have two other people on my f-list who reported the same; they didn't say what bank.
Ask them if they shopped at Michaels. And if the money was taken out in California. Michaels Beaverton was part of a nation-wide pin-pad scheme. The cop I talked to this morning said in one hour she had talked to three people who shopped at Michaels and had money taken out in CA. She cautioned it didn't mean it was taken at Michael's, but she remarked on the coincidence.
Hey, did you check the newspaper pile? That's where the keys were last time!! :)

The good news is, tomorrow pretty much has to be better.
OMG - that's where they were! I don't even remember that.

I figured that out after I went through the garbage twice and cleaned every room in the house. So I guess there is an upside.
I can't believe I did the same thing twice! At least I'm not like the NYT reporter who dumped his brand new Macbook Air with the recycled newspapers.
Sorry about your bad day. Even so, you shouldn't take it out on Candadians. :)
: ( so sorry you had such a day...
I think venting to Canadians is a good idea.

Re: : ( so sorry you had such a day...
Looking back, I think I went on at some length. No wonder there was a pause after I finished.
And then breed him (I'm sure there's a way around it even if he's fixed) and send me a puppy!
Glad that the day is over, that keys are found, that teen is mostly forgiven, and that you get your money back.

We had our credit card cloned when we were on holiday in Florida once. We were back home in Canada (and yes, venting at Canadians could be a good thing if the stereotype of us being ultra polite holds true!)when our bank called and asked if after our recent trip one of us had carried on travelling and was now in Acapulco. No was my reply and they then asked to speak to my husband to make sure that he was indeed with me. It turned out that someone, using our card, was having a splendid time running up $12,000 in charges in restaurants, bars, strip clubs and hotels. We are way too boring to do that.
I wonder what the person did with our cash?

On the news a couple of weeks ago they covered how someone stole someone's credit card and then ordered a single rose and a thank you note delivered to the victim's house.

And the Canadian woman and I had a good laugh.
Theme song for the day: "The Whiskey Ain't Working Anymore" by Travis Tritt.