aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Highlights of my day

* Going for run in sprinkles that turned into rain so hard I had to keep swiping my face.

* Filing police report on ATM card being used in California to take out $780 over weekend. Think "At least we still have husband's card."

* Getting call from credit union that husband's card is also being used fraudulently. Now we have no debit cards and our credit union only has one branch - 10 miles away.

* Losing keys. I can't find them anyplace. That means I can't drive on bazillion important errands for which I will now to write checks and produce two forms of ID.

* Getting call from teacher about Teen.

* Angrily calling Teen and saying, "I am really mad at you and need you to come home now!" only to discover have misdialed woman in Canada who is quite confused by my seething anger.

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Tags: and the ugly
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