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Do you ever write about cops or police work?

Than you have gotta follow: this blog. Lee is a retired cop who now writes handbooks for writers on police procedures, in addition to his fantastic blog. Plus he also runs the annual Writers Police Academy, which is the coolest thing I have ever done ever. It lets you learn from people who do cop work all the time: snipers, CSIs, bomb technicians, dive team members, arson investigators, fingerprint experts, etc. etc.

A recent post covered how much protection car doors, wheels and engines really offer against bullets. "What sort of protection is a vehicle against, say, a .45 caliber pistol? Again, the expert fired the .45 at the driver’s door from a distance of 15 yards. Guess what? Yep, the rounds pierced the doors, striking the mannequins inside. This time, however, the rounds stopped at the dummies. They’d lost enough velocity that they could travel no further. BUT…that’s all the power and distance needed to kill the occupants inside the car."

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