aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Well, that was a disappointment

I have faithfully watched every episode of The Killing. Will I watch it next season? Mm, maybe not.

It's a cheat to end the season on a cliffhanger, not when there have only been 10 episodes. Too many coincidences, too many plot twists just thrown in with no warning. Like tonight's revelation that the councilman had numerous affairs - so many that the newspaper could run six or seven photos of his women on the very day the news broke?

It would take several days or weeks for news like that to trickle out. (As we all just saw with Weiner.) How would it have been kept a secret and then suddenly explode wide open? With photos, no less?

And I haven't mentioned how the homicide detective just kept showing up at the would-be mayor's condo and explaining things? Or how she promised the victim's mother that things would be solved that very night? Or how two missing girls in Washington State both own identical pink Grand Canyon T-shirts?

I want a show to be smarter than that.

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