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What do you do with paper books if all the world goes digital?

A paper book can be the starting point for some really cool crafts, like this purse made from a Nancy Drew book (hint: Christmas is not that far away, folks).

See more cool things made from recycled books here.

One man who makes furniture out of old books says that now, "Few people have that shocked reaction, 'My God, he cuts up books.' "

An article in the Boston Globe says, “fashionistas have been snapping up the handbags that Caitlin Phillips of Rebound Designs crafts from such beloved novels as "Sense and Sensibility" and "Jane Eyre." In 2004, when Phillips first realized that a hardback book was the ideal size and shape for a purse, she initially feared consumer backlash. "I made my first purses from Reader's Digest Condensed Books because they are the lowest form of books," she says. "I had no idea how popular they would be. But the market really exploded. I quit my job three months after making the first one."”
Read - and see - more here.

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