Ooh, shiny! Not one but TWO covers

While these might totally change, I wanted to share some new covers with you guys (after I got permission from my editor).

This one's for my next book. It's what the cover of the ARE (Advanced Readers Edition, which seems to be the in-term now, instead of ARC, or Advanced Readers Copy). (Does anyone know why ARE is now in vogue?) The cover may change for the real book, which won't come out until March 2012. What do you think?

And here's what they are thinking of using for the cover of the paperback of Girl, Stolen, which also comes out in March 2012. While I love the hands over the face cover, Marketing had some concerns the book looked like a problem novel for girls (you know, Ami has an eating disorder or Amanda's dad is touching her at night). They wanted to project it was a thriller that would appeal to both sexes. Again, what do you think?

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I really like the second one. I'm kind of lukewarm about the first one, but I can't put my finger on why, since the individual elements don't bother me. The thing that really grabbed me about it was the text in the upper right corner: "I'm Kayla Cutler. Tell my family I love them." I think you posted that excerpt(?) sometime before on here* and I remember it gave me chills. Same reaction this time.

*I hope you did, otherwise, I've managed to hallucinate something from your book that isn't even out yet and that would be...creepy.
Just realized it's the same font.

I always have a hard time deciding about covers, unless I flat out hate them.

And you did not hallucinate.
Love, love, love the second one (and I think it matches the marketing mission perfectly.)

The first one doesn't send me - mostly because I had trouble parsing the image of the Mini Cooper from that angle (it was clear, after I'd read the back cover text.) Also, I want to punctuate the Kayla Cutler text. That said, the first cover sort of reminds me of my old Lois Duncan reads... and that's not a bad thing at all!
You know, it does kind of look like a Mini Cooper. But it shouldn't. The girl who is kidnapped isn't the one who drives a Mini Cooper. hm...

Kayla writes the note in blood, so I don't think she would waste it on punctuation. An earlier note showed it with lower case dotted i's, but I had them change.

My agent used to work with Lois Duncan - she sold film rights to I Know What You Did Last Summer.
Well it DEFINITELY looks like a mini cooper on the front. And then it says mini cooper at least twice in the copy.

So maybe they thought if they put a different car, or just a generic car, it would be confusing?

Anyway, I like both.
I'm going to bring that up to my editor. But you're right, a quick read might just make it confusing. Plus later the guy does target the Mini Cooper.
I love crime scene tape. A few years ago, a tree came down in our neighborhood, and the cop who happened across it must have had only had crime scene tape in his car. After they sawed up and took away the tree, I took away the tape.
I'm the odd one out-I love the first one and I'm not crazy about the second one. Thanks for sharing them.