Way to dis your readers and other writers

Two new YA writers, in an attempt to either promote their book be humorous, or both says things in a Slate article about the experience like this:

- "The timetable is crazy. Katie, having come out of an M.F.A. background where the rule was that good writing requires rumination, pain, and the slow loss of your best years, fought the craziness at first. But readers in Y.A. don't care about rumination."

- "The average length of time you get to write a Y.A. book is six months."

I think they have mistaken their experiences for everyone's experiences.

Read it for yourself here.

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She makes writing YA books sound equally satisfying to working in the electronics department at Target.

Backhanded self-promotion is a weird approach to take. "It's sort of weird how, at a time when a reliable scare story is, "Are internet predators coming for your children?" that we are being paid good money to be literary predators and come for people's children. Only we do it with a nice marketing campaign and books about Southern debutantes with occult powers, rather than an old van with the windows blacked out." Golly, where can I get my hands on some of that?!?!?
It seems like they wrote it for literary writers and forgot that the rest of the internet would be able to see it, too.