Oh I give up

Meghan Cox Gurdon now seems to see herself as some kind of martyr - and her sworn enemies as librarians. she has a new essay in the Wall St. Journal, defending her last essay.

"The larger question is whether books about rape, incest, eating disorders and "cutting" (self-mutilation) help to normalize such behaviors for the vast majority of children who are merely living through the routine ordeals of adolescence."

Okay, so teens reading about rape or incest are now going to be taking part? Exactly how does that work? As far as I know, you're a victim of rape or incest when you're a kid. Is she saying they are going to be inviting abuse?

Read more - if you can stand to - here.

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If she would just show some actual factual stats on the # of teens who cut/rape/become anorexic -- who not already are -- after reading a book that deals with that topic, I'd be slightly less annoyed at her "theories."
Deena, see my anonymous comment below. You know me, also.
I don't know the statistics but I do know that my own child started cutting after reading about it in a book. Do I blame the book? Not really. She has huge issues and cutting is only a part of it. But it does happen.

I am posting anonymously to protect her privacy but I assure you that we know each other through the writing community.
I am sorry to hear that.

I feel like she has a few good points that she loses me on because she is so angry and vitriolic.
Ditto -- I am sorry as well! That totally stinks. I hope she is doing better!

I also wish though that the article wasn't so angry and instead did talk about real cases where this happened instead of just throwing out accusations without facts to back them up. Or else yeah, of course, authors will feel under attack and lash back out instead of maybe having a thoughful conversation about the issues.
She totally misses the point that there are other books available for YA readers too, and only focuses on the negative as it were.

If a teen never reads about bad things happening to teens, then they will never have them happen to them? If they read about Zombies, will they become one? If you let your kid play D&D they will never move out of the house?

My parents let me read whatever I wanted as a teen, they also reserved the right to comment, and ocassionally they would even borrow from me, but they never censored me.
There's a big difference between letting you READ whatever you want and letting you DO whatever you want.

I knew I could ask my folks just about anything, but, they reserved the right to say NO, and they did... a lot. But I had boundaries and chores, and house rules.
In some ways, I think my parents were relieved I was reading books with sex in them. Because then they didn't have to talk about it.