aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

17 year old killer begs for forgiveness on Facebook

Joey Marsala, 17, sounds like he has had a rough life. His mom is sick, he has bounced around Oregon and California, lived with a foster family, dropped into and out of various schools.

Now he just flushed it down the toilet by beating and stabbing a man to death, then stealing his car. On his Facebook page, Joey posted, ""O god please forgive me, for I have sined. I guess I must forgive my self first before you can. I hope my friends, family, loved one's can forgive me. All of you will understand soon enough. Please an come see me when I'm out of sight."

You look at his sad face - the face of a person who is more boy than man - and you wish you could turn back the clock. Teen is just a year younger.

Read more here.

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Tags: mistake, murder, teens

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