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Cuts to libraries hurt the people who need it most

I'm scared about what's happening to libraries all over.

School library budges are cut and cut again
The New York Times reports that "Budget belt-tightening threatens to send school librarians the way of the card catalog.". At one point, Beaverton schools were planning on cutting half its school librarians (leaving each to cover two schools), although I believe some funding was restored.

What others think
The NYT invited others to weigh in on the issue, including an author, an academic, an advisor, and some librarians

Patrick Ness says it best
Patrick Ness, who won the U.K.'s Carnegie medal for his YA novel Monsters of Men, used his acceptance speech to launch a scorching attack on the coalition government's policy on libraries. Describing himself as a "child that libraries built," Ness said, "Librarians open up the world. Knowledge is useless if you don't even know where to begin to look. How much more can you discover when someone can point you in the right direction, when someone can maybe even give you a treasure map, to places you may not have even thought you were allowed to go? This is what librarians do." He criticized plans to staff libraries with volunteers as "a one-sentence, Big Society idea whose ramifications and consequences they haven't even remotely considered," and described education secretary Michael Gove as "a man who races to the latest news about what a tragedy it is that three out of 10 children don't own a book, yet utterly fails to see the irony of how closing libraries will affect not only the three who don't, but the seven who do and who would like to read more and more and more."

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