I can't tell if this is serious or not

A deal reported on Publishers Lunch:

"Michael Boccacino's CHARLOTTE MARKHAM AND THE HOUSE OF DARKLING, a Victorian gothic tale pitched as The Turn of the Screw meets Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell meets Jane Eyre and the lovechild of Neil Gaiman and Tim Burton."

Two "meet"s and a "lovechild"? Are Jane Eyre and the lovechild together?

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LOL! I just saw that and was thinking, um, I think that's a slight overuse of comparisons. They really couldn't narrow it down more than that? ;)
I could see that, but the description of the story itself doesn't sound funny, and it's similarly rambling, which gives me doubt. Multiple comparisons seem to be becoming a thing--witness also the first listing under middle grade.
Hi there,

Despite the well-intentioned rambling of the deal announcement, "Charlotte Markham" is indeed real and will be coming out next summer (it seems so far away!). The synopsis on the back cover will be much more coherent and a little less lofty. Promise. ;)

Damn! Gotta remember those Google Alerts mean nothing is limited to my circle of LJ friends. No offense intended.
It was an abbreviated version of a much longer (and much better) pitch letter, so while it was intended to be serious some things got lost in translation.