aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

I dont know what's funnier

You see some weird stuff when you are doing Google searches.

Like this was at the top of my results for a recent search:

"ZOMBIE STRIPPERS - Christian Movie Review"

Really? Like I can't guess what they think of it?

But what might be even funnier is the review itself. Now what do you think the main complaint about the movie is going to be? Nudity! Ha ha!

The review begins:
"Very strong politically correct humanist worldview that takes jabs against President Bush and the war against Islamic terrorism, with a very strong anti-capitalist subtext and a very strong feminist critique of the American male psyche..."

So I guess it's anti Christian to
- be against President Bush?
- be against the war on Islam?
- not be a capitalist [yeah, because Jesus was such a capitalist - I remember him always going on and on in the Bible about the invisible hand of the marketplace]?
- be a feminist?

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