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Yo Yo - the cat with way more than nine lives

About a year ago, a bedraggled cat started hanging around our house. Even though Spouse has severe cat allergies, he's the one who noticed her, and noticed she appeared to be starving. I bought her food and then ended up taking it to the shelter, which turned out not to be quite as "no-kill" as I had thought, because the cat was in such poor health.

And then she showed up at our door again. Which I thought was a miracle! She had traversed miles and miles and two rivers to return! (You can read more about the "miracle" and other posts about the cat here: http://aprilhenry.livejournal.com/tag/cat .)

And I found out that the cat did have an "owner" (to use the term loosely), a guy who lives nearby, a guy who just let the cat out to fend for itself whenever he went away on business. No food, no water. Around this time, my mom christened the cat Yo Yo.

And so I bought her food and special warmth-conserving pillows and looked at cat houses and finally got one and then in November, when we were worried about the winter to come, the cat stopped showing up at our door. She had, I figured, died. Which made sense. She's old, she has broken teeth, she's got a heart murmur.

But I guess no one has told the cat that she should by rights be dead. Because she showed up again on Sunday. Where has she been for the past seven or eight months? She's not telling.

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