What anecdote would you tell on Jeopardy?

Contestants on Jeopardy must not only know a boat-load of facts, but they also have to offer up an interesting personal anecdote when they are introduced. A questionnaire helps elicit these stories. It includes questions such as:

- What is the one mistake that no one will let you forget?
- What's the most romantic thing you've ever done?
- Brushes with greatness and secret ambitions? We want to hear it.

The questionnaire also lists "memorable examples" from prior contestants, including:
"Fabio once saved my life."
"I broke my toe while chasing a bear."
"I used to recruit spies for the C.I.A."

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What would your anecdote be?

And wouldn't these be interesting questions to ask a character?

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Maybe you could combine all three? You broke your toe while chasing a bear you hoped would be a spy for the CIA, and then Fabio rescued you?
A writer I used to know was a five-time Jeopardy champ. He was a tad cerebral as you might guess.

So if no Fabio or bear, then she must be CIA spy recruiter....