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Local news stories remind me of stories I've written

A teenager was recently kidnapped at knifepoint from a shopping mall - and then she managed to run from him. "I started to sprint. I wouldn't look back and I just ran. I kept falling, but I didn't stop. I just kept running."

Read more about her ordeal here

Kind of reminds me of Girl, Stolen, which was inspired by another true event.

And a bunch of former students are suing a defunct school for troubled teens called the Mt. Bachelor Academy. "Another student, who suffered from asthma, was forced to sleep outdoors in below-freezing temperatures. Staff members also denied him food, sleep and use of a restroom and withheld his asthma inhaler despite asthma attacks that were brought on by their tactics."

Read more about the school here

The overseas schools for troubled teens can be much worse, as I pointed out in Shock Point.

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