The “let your fans figure out where you go” booktour

The Economist reports that Aylet Waldman “offered a deal to her 5,000-odd followers on Twitter and a similar number on Facebook. If someone would commit to mustering 50 or more readers to a talk and signing session at a bookshop, she promised to come, irrespective of whether it was in a metropolis or a backwater.”

It’s interesting that The Economist says she chose to forgo a traditional tour. Publishers are hardly touring authors at all these days, so was it really her choice? And I’d be curious if her publisher paid for travel or she did. One thing that might make a difference: her husband is author Michael Chabon, which probably means they have the means to self-finance.

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Even 50 people who each buy a book doesn't really pencil out against the costs of travel, yet most authors would be thrilled at the turnout. And I guess there's the whole "planting a seed" idea, and also the hope for media coverage.