Missing folks

In a few hours I'll be going to hear local author Suzanne Young read from A Need So Beautiful at Powells in Cedar Hills. I kept having this nagging feeling, and I finally identified it. It was that I should be coordinating with Lisa Wolfson (LK Madigan) about who would drive, because we would be going together.

I know Lisa will be there in spirit, but I so wish she could also be there in reality.

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I know what you mean.I had to break out my laptop to get some old notes off of it, and when I opened the e-mail program there, the very last note I got was Lisa's notes on a novel I wrote (but haven't managed to sell.) Then I got my FPPs, and the formatting was all screwed up on the line I wrote for Lisa, that I then had to rewrite because it was stupid and jokey because I expected her to read it and laugh. Then I had to edit something in the Debs community, and when I went to this little used page, Lisa's bio was the first one on top. And it doesn't make me feel like she's here and still hanging out, it just hurts because she's not.
I try not to think about her very much because it hurts and I miss her. I guess the only thing that makes it a tiny bit bearable was that she was accepting of the diagnosis, not in some mad panic to keep it at bay.
as soon as I read that you were going to Powells, I thought of Lisa! XOXO
It is so hard to miss her! XOXO
Yeah. I saw Flash Burnout in a bookstore the other day and was left with a longing.

I wish she was there with you, too.