My own book, RIPPLE, comes out July 21, and it set on the oregon Coast (it's a fictional town name-- Cedar Cove-- but I modeled it after Lincoln City, Oregon, and mention the tillamook forest, pacific ocean, etc.

I also live in Tacoma, WA.
I was going to suggest Mandy's new book!

You probably already have Lisa's THE DAY BEFORE on your list....

Man, I haven't read much set there lately!
I'm guessing you're talking about traditionally published books only....
The Jewel and the Key
Hi April,

My time-travel novel, The Jewel and the Key, will be published by Clarion on August 29. It's sent in Seattle, both in the near future, as we enter yet another war in the Middle East, and in 1917, as the U.S. enters World War I. A stage-struck girl and a grand theater in downtown Seattle are the links between the two times. It also features the Wobblies (Industrial Workers of the World) who were especially wild and powerful in Washington and Oregon in the early twentieth century. So it's very Pacific Northwest!

Louise Spiegler