Self publishing success does not think it’s the way to go

Brunonia Barry used book groups to refine The Lace Reader, and then self published it in 2007. The book did so well there was a bidding war from traditional publishers. When HarperCollins published it, it landed on the New York Times best seller list.

But even though it’s self publishing is what launched her success, she doesn’t recommend it.

Read why and more about the author and her books here.

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Aside from the whole self publishing point, I was very taken with the dream she had about lace reading. I'd say it was bordering more on psychic warning. And I think she is absolutely correct when saying that some things have more logic in dreams than reality (I'm very much paraphrasing).

I would say on the subject of self publishing that I believe writers who go in that direction are far more informed (then she was) of what it takes and what standards they need to achieve to make even a minor successful go of it. I don't think anyone should go into it thinking that they will end up with a miracle success story. It could happen, but not likely.
Why some people do so fabulously well puzzles me, although once you do well it seems not so hard to move up to the fabulous part.