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Two great posts about writing a series

Genreality has had a couple of great posts about writing a series. In the next year, I'll be working on the first in a new series, and I want to make sure I do it right.

One from 2009 talks about keeping your characters true to themselves and developing a great supporting cast. You can read it here.

That same author, Carrie Vaughn, has another post about writing series. One section that really resonated with me was: “I want to share something participating author Paul Witcover said during this discussion:  Even first novels, or stand alone novels, have a backstory.  It’s just that we don’t worry about including it all. I think this is incredibly important to remember:  When you’re writing subsequent books in a series, you don’t have to tell a new reader everything that came before.  You only need to tell them what they need to know to understand what’s happening right now, and you can do it in a sentence or two.”

You can read the rest of her insights here.

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