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Go behind the scenes with a process server

If you write about crime, then you should know about process servers - and one might make an interesting character. A process is set of court documents giving legal notice to a person that they are subject to a summons or a complaint. As Wikipedia says, " In California and most other states, the documents must be visible to the person being served, i.e., not in a sealed envelope. If the individual refuses to accept service, flees, closes the door, etc., and the individual has been positively identified as the person to be served, documents may be "drop" served, and it is considered a valid service."

An article in the Anchorage Daily News about a process server says, “Severson will find you on Facebook. He'll camp out down the street and wait for you to come outside. He'll show up at your work. If he needs to, he'll fly to you in a small plane, four-wheel to your rural cabin, or paddle to you in a canoe. He's a process server. He's been in the business for more than 20 years, longer than most anybody here.”

Read more about the life of a process server here.

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