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What if?

Every single one of my books has started with a "What if?" I hear people talking about other ways to begin, but I can't imagine it. Begin with a character? I've read about people who dream about, say, a little girl who is crying. And they can't get that image out of their head. But when they think about it, it seems like a "What if?" would have to follow quickly on that image's heels. Like, "What if her daddy just died and she doesn't have any other family?" or "What if she's a vampire and she doesn't want to be one?"

My last couple of What ifs:
- What if a good girl got sent to an overseas boot camp? (Shock Point,2006)
- What if a girl joined the Enviornmental Liberation Front - only she's working for the FBI? (Fire, Kiss, Electric Chair, 2008)
- What if a blind girl was kidnapped and had to escape? (Shadows Walking Backward, 2008 or 2009)

What's your What If?

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