Enhance! This is one trope that's gotta go

My kid is watching CSI, and they keep doing crap like this. Like blowing up a photo until they can see fireworks reflected in a hubcap, or a face reflected in sunglasses.

As TV Tropes says, "the big blocky pixels you get when you zoom in too close on a picture are the only information that the picture actually contains, and attempting to extract more detail than this is fundamentally impossible."

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It's so tempting if you're the writer, but I like to feel that when I see things they could actually happen. And the more you see it, the more you will see it. Like how TVs and movies show you that one fast blow to the head knocks someone out but doesn't cause any lasting damage.
This is one area where film photography has it over digital. Resolution of medium format film is much higher than even the best digital camera available today. And the larger the film format and higher quality the optics, the more resolution. So it made sense back in the days of film cameras.
And a lot of these images they see are from security cams, which I doubt are all that great
Oh yeah. All you have to do is watch the local news, when they show images of bank robbers captured on security cameras to see how well that works! You're like "Yeah, I'm never going to recognize that fuzzy blob if I ever run into him."
It's the natural evolution of the 'Character accesses some corporation's main computer system without having to use a password' approach :)