Two unusual ways to write

A profile in the New York Times looks at Nicholas Baker, mostly focusing on his books with lots of sexual content (I’ve read a couple of his books, one with (Two unusual ways to write - Vox - and one without - Mezzanine).

I thought two approaches he has used for writing were interesting. “He composed part of “The Anthologist” ,,, by videotaping himself speaking in the persona of Paul Chowder, the novel’s narrator. He also adopted a method, which he used again for “House of Holes,” that he calls “speak-typing”: essentially, he dictates to himself, typing rapidly as he goes.”

Have you ever done anything like this? I might try the speak-typing.

Read more here.

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My friend Lisa does something like that. I would imagine you get to know your characters better by acting them out.
I wonder if that works best with people with certain skills sets? Like people with some acting skills?