My old day job....

I told you guys that I had one of the day jobs authors have held that appeared in this article.

I was an artist's model. It started when I modeled for my roommate who was majoring in art and needed some outside of class drawing time. Then I modeled for her friends. Then I modeled for classes. I would take off my clothes and my contacts (it was easier when I couldn't see). The hardest were the times when I was asked to change my pose every 30 seconds. Those seconds would tick by super fast while I tried to think of something I hadn't done.

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Back in the day, I could eat whatever I wanted (and did) and never gained weight.

God, I miss those days!
I also took them for granted, falling into that old trap of "This is the way it is now; this is the way it will always be."
That's pretty much the doom of the young, to not know what they don't know. As they say, youth is wasted on the young.
I still tend to think if things are good, they will stay good, and if they are bad, they will stay bad.
Oh yes, the skinny days.. I remember mine well.

I think it's cool that you modeled!
The only awkward moment was at the beginning of a class I was talking to someone i knew and he said, "I didn't know you were taking this class and I said, "I'm not, I'm the model," and started unbuttoning my shirt.
It was something like twice the minimum wage, maybe more. I was putting myself through college and needed every dime.
You are so brave. I was thin when I was young, but there is no way in Hades I would have had the courage to do that. I don't even like to get naked in front of the dog! :P
Oddly enough, I now refuse to shower at the gym. But there I think it's all the other nude people that bother me.