aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Pity the poor ghostwriter

Tyra Banks has "written" a "novel" that will come out in September. Judging by the chapter posted on bn.com, it's bad, bad, BAD. Maybe she really did write it herself.

So bad it was hard to figure out what to post.

Tookie turned and nearly jumped out of her skin. Standing next to her was Theophilus Lovelaces. His eyes glistened in the LaDorno sun. He was seeing her, actually seeing her. His eyes focused right on hers. His words were meant for her. Tookie tried to smile, but she had a feeling her mouth made more of a grimace.

"You're not participating?" Theophilus asked, gesturing to the crowd.

Tookie opened her mouth but couldn't speak. She was dying to say, Really? Me? Have you lost your mind? But instead a cross between a yelp, a sneeze, and a burp came out.
See for yourself here.

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Tags: celebrities, celebrity authors, ghosts

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