Is a library a library if it has no books?

Philadelphia’s Drexel University has a new Library Learning Terrace. It does not have a single paper to the book, just computers that can access its 170 million electronic items.

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Sometimes I feel I'm living through so much change, but then I think of my dad, who was born in 1923 and died in 2003.

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Part of what I like about libraries is seeing all the books in one place at one time, browsing them, touching them, pulling them off the shelf to look through them. I'm not sure I would enjoy an electronic library as much. I would miss that tactile experience.
I, too, try to think of those born before 1920 now when I think's astonishing evolutionary leaps and bounds. My grandfather was constantly amazed. Just amazed and basically gave to me his attitude that you can only sit back and watch and hope that it all leads to good things and not matrix-like developments. I've "given up" on mastering so many of these techie things because I just don't have the time/room in my life to devote to them. I've got a "sponsor" so I can work my iPhone and although I'm constantly berated by said sponsor that I'm just using the phone to call people, text and play solitaire...I'm good with it. :)

Being a bibliophile...I struggle to accept technologies fierce presence in the published word.
Our small local library recently did a major renovation. As part of it, they eliminated the vast majority of the books! I was appalled. It now looks like an airport concourse and seems to be used mainly for child day care. They said they only got rid of books that hadn't been read in more than ten years, but how did they know? All they can say for sure is that someone didn't physically check them out. Their main offering now is racks and racks now of audio books. It's sad for those of us who loved the printed page.
My grandfather was born in 1880, took part in the Oklahoma land rush and grew up in a sod house. He died in 1968. Everyone on that side of the family has kids late.