The rise of the typo

I've seen more and more typos lately. Often it's homophones, as seen above in a recent book I read from one of the big publishers. Newsweek recently confirmed my decision not to subscribe any more by confusing cite and site. Even the New York Times misspelled pedal pushers a couple of years back.

The NYT had an article considering the problem of typos. "As Geoff Shandler, the editor in chief of Little, Brown and Company, told me, “Use of the word processor has resulted in a substantial decline in author discipline and attention. Manuscripts are much longer than they were 25 years ago, much more casually assembled, and beyond spell check (and not even then; and of course it will miss typos if the word is a word) it is amazing how little review seems to have occurred before the text is sent to the editor. Seriously, you have no idea how sloppy some of these things are.”"

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Ouch! If it's a blog post, it's one thing, but if it's something that should have been read by at least two people it's hard to believe no one caught it.
Funny, I was coming in to say I recently saw someone post that they were on spring "brake"!
So, I have a question: Let's say you find an error in the first run of a book that will almost certainly become a bestseller (let's say the name of a character is spelled one way in chapter 10-ish, and in chapter 12 and 13, it's spelled a different way). Would you bring it up to the author? Or a) Is someone else likely to catch it and b) Would that just be incredibly annoying?
If not you, then who?

I have been contacted about typos and other issues, and have asked the publisher to fix it in a later print run or in the paperback.

I will admit it is mildly annoying, which I know it shouldn't be.

I have contacted the publisher a few times about ARCs I've been asked to review or blurb, but only for big-time issues (like a baby changed sex in a John Le Carre book). I haven't contacted the author, but it would certainly be easy to to, nowadays. In those other cases I already had an editor or assistant's name.